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As we have seen, most back pain builds up over years of misuse of the spine. Experts now recognize that the increasingly sedentary lives that we lead contribute greatly to the back pain epidemic that is now being experienced in the western world.

Previously, treatment for back pain consisted in having the patient immobilize the back through traction and bed rest. Today, we know that bed rest can actually be detrimental. Exactly guided exercise with relief of the tension of the back (GIGER MD medical device) is the most effective treatment for back pain.

Immediate activity on the GIGER MD medical device drastically shortens or eliminates episodes of back pain. As soon as you can, gradually get back to some of your normal activities.






        Main therapeutic instrument:      GIGER MD Therapy-Software GIGER MD medical device                                                            


GIGER MD Therapy is a proven therapy method that efficiently relieves or even eliminates pain, increases your mobility and provides long-term relief.





 Last update: February 02, 2007




Main therapeutic instrument: GIGER MD medical device


GIGER MD Therapy-Software







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