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Pain may be the result of injury to the soft tissues of the back, leading to swelling and inflammation around the injured structure. In response to the pain, the back muscles often try to protect the back by going into contraction or spasm in order to keep the area immobile. Muscle spasm can, in turn, cause pain and stiffness if prolonged. Minor strains or spasm of the large muscles and ligaments along the spine that serve to support the spine cause most back pain. The lower back pain syndrome is a vicious cycle in which an injury causes muscle spasm, the spasm induces pain and the pain results in additional muscle spasm. With persistent pain, the back may become progressively weaker and stiffer.

Having said that, most chronic pain is a result of a malfunctioning pain message center in the brain and spine. Treating chronic pain is much more complicated than treating acute pain. Chronic pain causes changes in the nervous system, immune system and hormonal system. Many people living with constant pain also suffer from depression. Chronic pain causes the muscles to remain contracted which causes further pain.

One final thing needs to be pointed out: water in your spinal disks is the supporting medium for 75% of your upper body and the sole lubricant for back or neck motion! For this lubrication to take effect, you should perform special exercises and motions of the joints on the GIGER MD medical device to circulate the lubricant (water) under ideal conditions. With the GIGER MD medical device the exercises can be conducted very slowly with attention to the individual pain threshold. In the sub-acute stage, more emphasis is placed on action. Priority is given to pain relief as well as the maintenance and improvement of the role of the joints and their lubrication.



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